There have been unprecedented moments over the past two years that have seen digital marketing performance go in unusual directions. However, as of 2021 – as physical stores began to open up once again – the ship has begun to steady. Web traffic, conversions and lead performance took a hit when the world began to open up after the pandemic and, although there is more predictability today, many enterprises are still in the dark as to how they’re doing in relation to others. To help with that, here’s our summer 2022 guide to web traffic, conversions and lead performance.

  • Inbound leads. Shifts in the number of inbound leads have been fairly minimal this year, with some obvious seasonality to the figures but no specific summer slump. Some industries are doing better than others when it comes to inbound leads – financial activities, for example, saw a 23% increase year on year this summer. Leisure and hospitality and education and health services have also seen an increase in inbound leads.
  • Website traffic. Across most industries, web traffic rates dropped during July this year. Year on year, there was an 11.4% annual drop in web traffic, which is surprising as many more of us now spend more time on our devices. However, given the circumstances of the summer of 2021, when restrictions relating to covid were still in existence, there is clearly some scope for explanation. For any business currently experiencing a drop in web traffic this is a trend that many others are also seeing. However, it’s not one that your enterprise needs to simply accept – optimising web content and URLs could still make a big difference.
  • Conversion rates. In contrast to web traffic, contact conversion rates rose this summer – by nearly 9% year on year in July. This is obviously positive news but it’s also important to remember that conversion rates do frequently go up when traffic dips down. There are two industries where this trend was not replicated – technology and IT and trade, transport and utilities. Here, month-on-month figures were down, a contrast to other industries.
  • Changes in email marketing. We are increasingly seeing email marketing positioned as a key tool in digital marketing. Nevertheless, this is an area where there has been a drop in activity during the summer of 2022. Across most industries, email marketing activity was down almost 6% in July, compared to June. However, the yearly picture is different with 19.26% more sends in July 2022, compared to the year before. Sectors such as construction and financial activities saw some of the highest yearly increases in email marketing activity. While in the IT sector, as well as trade, transportation and utilities, there was a drop in email marketing activities in comparison to the levels for 2021.

It’s always useful to know how others are experiencing the market forces that affect businesses today. These insights show where web traffic, conversions and lead performance are in the summer of 2022.

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