Remarketing is a great digital marketing tool and can be a very effective way to achieve more when it comes to PPC performance. However, there can be issues if this isn’t done in the right way, especially if your remarketing campaign is simply targeting the same users with the same content. Improving PPC performance through remarketing can have lots of positive benefits for your business, including boosting conversion – just make sure that you avoid these 6 mistakes.

Get clear about your remarketing volumes

Making assumptions that you have access to a large retargetable audience will only end in tears. Instead, use all your available analytics data to get a clear idea of repeat visits and interest, by product, so that you can more accurately forecast the remarketing audience available to you. If the audience size is small for the typical 30-day window then you may need to go up to 90.

Integrate cross-selling and upselling

Digital marketing today always requires a broader approach. It’s not always the case that someone who didn’t buy the first time simply needed more information. To cover all bases you need to have a sell message (providing the same information as before in a different way), an upsell (to a more elaborate product or service) and a cross-sell (promoting related offerings).

See remarketing as more of a long game

We tend to view remarketing campaigns as the quick solution for abandoned carts on a website. However, you can go a lot further back than the last few days and this can have very positive results. For example, you might want to go back to customers who abandoned their cart a year ago and remarket to them. Seasonal patterns can also be very useful here – if your customer bought a Christmas tree from you, for example, when are they likely to start thinking about repeating that purchase?

Make sure you exclude recent customers

It’s a waste of time and resources to remarket to someone who has recently made a purchase – customers from the last 14 days can be safely left out of most remarketing campaigns. This is a different story for cross-selling or upselling, which can be triggered almost immediately.

Opt for a cross-channel approach

This is fundamental for all digital marketing today. The purpose of remarketing is to target everyone who has been on your site, whether they got there through a search engine or social media. It can be useful to think about the various brand messages that visitors might have seen that brought them to the site in the first place and use these in remarketing. You can even segment your remarketing campaigns down to a single channel or a group of channels.

No need for a big budget allocation

Remarketing essentially targets those who have already been reached by your existing marketing campaigns – all you’re doing is isolating those people and creating a new experience for them. So, unless these audiences are especially big, there should be no need for a budget increase.

Many brands opt for remarketing to improve the effectiveness of PPC campaigns – the best way to ensure that happens is to avoid making these mistakes. Find out how Iconic Digital can help your businesses advertising across remarketing ads, get in touch today and call us on 020 7100 0726. Find out more about our Paid Advertising agency in London.