Online marketers have a number of different strategies available to them, which help them review, analyse and then strategize their marketing campaigns in a more effective way. One of those is inbound marketing which ensures you get high volumes of leads coming to your website. However the challenge starts when trying to separate the good quality leads from the ones who are just starting their journey.

Wouldn’t it be ideal, not only to know who’s on your website, but what they have devoured along the way and then score their interaction accordingly? That’s where page scoring is so useful. It is essentially a component of lead scoring where prospects are assigned a score based on the pages that they have viewed on your website.

Therefore as prospects view key pages on your website their score goes up, meaning the they move from being a cold lead, all the way through to hot and in turn, become ready for sales engagement. It’s quite obvious really; the more time quality leads spend with your content, the better informed they become, therefore they are more likely to be interested in hearing from your sales team.

Despite the obvious value of automated scoring, a recent survey by Aberdeen Group found it’s used by barely more than half (57%) of marketing automation users. The remainder may not know how to set up a lead scoring program or may consider it too much work.

As scoring can get quite in depth, the first step on your lead scoring journey is to focus on a single, simple goal, such as using lead scores to select leads to hand over to your sales team. Once you have this process running smoothly, you can think about adding others. With your attention suitably focused, you’re ready to dig into specifics.

We have teamed-up with Raab Associates and produced an excellent guide to lead and page scoring. It’ll help those to get started by showing how to set up a simple system and then refine it over time. We’ve created five steps for building a basic scoring system and you can get the guide but following the link below.

Download CommuniGator and Raab Associates guide to lead and page scoring.