Tis the season for New Years’ resolutions and a focus on self-improvement. Whether that’s getting healthier, spending more time with family or a career related goal. But come February, they’re usually a flash in the pan. They’re either unattainable, over complicated or we’ve not set a plan to reach the goal in place to motivate us.


When it comes to goals you set for work, a lot more rides on it than superficial resolutions. So, if you’re in new business or marketing and you want some easy to follow goals to be your best work-self in 2018, try these:

#1 Do your research

Your leads are often inundated with sales calls, so you need to beat the competition. The only way to do that is by understanding what they need, their pain-points and how you can make their life easier.

It won’t cut it to phone with a heap of questions either, as they don’t have time. So, an unprepared, unscheduled call is likely to irritate them.

Using lead generation software, such as GatorLeads, enables you to research who they are, their challenges and turnover. You can also research your contacts using LinkedIn. All this spy-work pays off when you’re equipped to personalise your approach to them.

#2 Rate your leads

The ultimate way to save time and make sure you’re only passing quality leads to your sales team is by rating them. You’ll need lead generation software that integrates with your CRM and a bit of time. Invest now, and you’ll be able to be more efficient in the future, and garner high quality leads for the sales team.

Rate your leads based on their website activity. Using your lead gen software, you’ll need to apply a scoring system to the pages on your website. We recommend a structure like this:

– High scores: pricing, demo requests
– Medium: downloads, product pages, events
– Low: blogs, homepage

The numbers themselves don’t matter, as it’ll tally up a total score against each lead in the end.

#3 Segment your data

Batch and blast marketers can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, cause it’s dead! That’s right, and it doesn’t work anymore. We all expect a personalised experience, and you need to apply that to your lead gen approach.

Segment your leads based on their behaviour. It’s no good treating them all the same, we all know one-size doesn’t fit all. This could be based on the content topics they’re engaging with, product categories etc.

IP LookUp technology provides you with an intelligent way to track your leads on your website. It identifies companies from IP addresses, so you’ll know when they return and what they’re engaging with.

While you can’t identify the individual yet, you can decide if you want to buy contact data. This ties back in with rating your leads, as the lead score will apply to the companies at this point.

#4 Nurture

Finally, you need to nurture your leads. We use a workflow feeding our leads content structured over the following levels:

  • Discover (light content such as blogs)
  • Intrigue (slightly heavier content, like form protected guides and whitepapers)
  • Consider (product pages, features – all about your offering)
  • Decide (sales message: demo or meeting request)

Jessica Brick, our Marketing Manager, says:
“12% of our sales from the last six months have come from nurture workflows, generating us over £37,000 worth of annual revenue.

We see 15% (and higher!) click-through rate on average, purely from splitting the content and sending the right content at the right time.”

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