COVID-19 has taken most businesses by surprise and disrupted carefully designed strategy and planning. Adapting to the current circumstances is essential and your digital presence is a crucial tool for this. There are a number of ways in which you can use it to help protect your business now and also start building a brighter future.

Keep communicating

One of the worst things that any business can do during the pandemic is to stop talking. Keep communicating on all fronts, including:

Business information

Ensuring your Google Business Profile is up to date, including your current business hours during the pandemic and key contact information, such as a phone number. You’re currently able to edit the business name field to reflect a change in the way you’re operating, for example by adding in “- delivery services.”

News updates

Using the COVID-19 update posts function in Google – this will allow you to ensure your customers know how the business is functioning during the pandemic.

Updating your website

Add banners or images that clearly show any changes to operations, bump up blog content to keep traffic flowing and make sure social media links are clear. Remember that your audience is likely to value ‘public service’ type content even more right now. That might be identifying local resources for keeping children entertained, support for vulnerable people or mental health resources for anyone who is struggling, for example.

Using key resources – social media and email

Social media and email are two of the most instantaneous forms of communication, which makes them crucial at the current time. This is a fast moving situation and it’s important that you’re able to give customers up to date information that they might need to continue to support your business as well as accurately representing the situation nationwide. There are a number of different ways to use social media and email at this time, including:


Reaching out to influencers or users on social media that have been supportive of your business in the past and asking them to continue to do so now.

Remain constant

Keeping up a constant (but not excessive) stream of communication via digital channels so that there is no confusion over what the business is offering, how customers can access it and what they can do to support.

Think of your customers

Put customers needs first when it comes to email content – what do they need to know, what information could be reassuring and what are their priorities right now?

Work with other businesses

Support other local businesses via social media to strengthen your community and also in the hope that others will amplify your messaging too.

Don’t go for pointless self-promotion

Although you need to keep communication consistent there should be a purpose to everything that you post or press send on. Position your brand as a helper as opposed to one that is looking to profit from the current situation.

These are our key tips for managing your digital presence during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although times are tough for businesses today, successfully handling your digital profile could present opportunities for when the toughest restrictions are lifted.

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