You might feel like your brand is past the point of no return. No matter what you do, people just aren’t interested and you’re losing business. Fast. Even if you’re not quite in this position, you might be worrying that your brand is falling out of favour. Your clients are going elsewhere for your product and forgetting all about the close B2B, or B2C, relationship you used to have.

It’s not impossible to avoid this situation – but it’s also not impossible to get yourself, and your brand, out of it. So let’s look at a few ways you can escape from the bad brand graveyard.

Recreate yourself

The best thing to do is recreate yourself. If you have a certain reputation or credibility – or lack thereof – with your clientele, it’s probably time to wipe the slate clean. Obviously the extremity of this should be relative to how you’re doing on the market at the moment.

If your loyal customers are slowly trickling away, then you should stick to a logo change, new website layout or maybe a new slogan. You don’t want to change so much that you may as well be in the witness protection program, just enough to show that your brand isn’t as old and tired as people might be thinking.

If you’re really struggling, though, you might want to consider a complete makeover – we’re talking logo, branding, business title, product, everything. Not everyone needs to be so drastic about their changes, but it should definitely get interest in your brand flowing again if your sales are heading dangerously towards zero.

Be active

Social media is becoming more and more key to company marketing strategies. In fact, for a lot of businesses it’s the foundation of their entire campaign scheme. But that’s not all its good for, either. It’s great for feedback – which means that if enough people say your services suck, the word’s gonna get around pretty quickly.

Be on the ball, and get responding to any criticism that flies your way. You want to defend your brand, but also remember that “the customer is always right”. Apologise for letting them down, and ask how you could change their mind about your product. It might even be a good idea to offer them something like a discount or a refund depending on what it is they had trouble with. Never let criticism stew, or it’ll really start to stink up your brand. Spectacular, understanding customer service, on the other hand, will really get good vibes going.


Don’t let your buzz go quiet. Bad brands that lose interest from clients often go downhill because they expect the marketing to be done for them by an unseen power. The marketing gods won’t do your work for you (at least, not without a monetary sacrifice to their marketing-automation-creating vessels). You’ve got to be at the forefront of people’s minds, and the only way to do that is to get your name heard.

Good content in the right place at the right time can get your links passed around the internet, with everyone saying “Wow, they really know their stuff!” With more credibility like that going around with your name on it, your brand will be a consumer must-have in no time at all.