After the chaos, confusion and furious change of 2020, the start of this year has felt like a good moment to take a pause. When it comes to customer engagement strategy that’s exactly what most firms now need to do. If your feet still haven’t touched the ground after a year in which digital became an essential channel for customers to interact with brands, demographics changed and everything seemed to move at an incredibly fast pace then taking a moment for reflection now is a great idea. In fact, it’s the essential first step in rebooting your customer engagement strategy for 2021.

Aggregate your content in the cloud

Once you’ve had time to collect your thoughts on what the past 12 months has meant for your business in customer engagement terms it’s time to start looking at ways to plan for the year ahead. Many businesses have now reached the stage where there are internal content silos that have resulted from different digital channels being controlled by individual teams. This can be counterintuitive and wasteful if you’re aiming for continuity and consistency where customer experience is concerned. So, we recommend putting all your content into the cloud where these assets are available to all teams right across the business. Planning and collaboration can then be coordinated so that everyone is working as a single team with everything accessible in one place and customers having one experience no matter where they come into contact with your enterprise.

Focus on driving outcomes with personalisation

From login information to AI and predictive analytics there are many tools available to help your business to better understand and recognise its customers. You’ll be able to get a picture of who your customers are and where they are on the buying journey. Personalised content can then be used to provide customers with the information that they need to take next steps, identifying the obvious choice for the next action and minimising the need to take up the business’ time by getting in touch with customer services. Real time insights into the customer journey via the use of AI enables these interventions to be even more effective.

Make customer experience your top priority

We talk a lot about customer experience in the marketing world but the statistics tell us that many organisations don’t walk their talk. While 80% of brands say that they believe they offer great online customer experience the numbers say otherwise – only 8% of consumers agree. This is a sizable gap and one that presents an opportunity for those businesses that are ready to commit to crossing it this year. Make sure that what you believe you are providing and what your customers are actually experiencing are aligned. Don’t just assume that because something looks good on paper it will have the impact you hope without confirming that to be the case.

These three steps provide a simple and effective way to reboot your customer engagement strategy. Find out how Iconic Digital can help your business achieve greater growth via an email marketing automation strategy. Get in touch today, call us on: 020 7100 0726.