Are you looking to launch a new digital marketing strategy? You’ll have probably already noticed that other businesses are making the most of seasonal events and bombarding you with information via television, email or online. It’s that time of year where Halloween has passed, now Fireworks night, and no doubt soon enough the latest annual John Lewis Christmas advert will be making an appearance on our TV screens. So how do you join the bandwagon and make your marketing stand out amongst the others this Guy Fawkes’ night?

Identify your overall aims

Do you want to increase your sales? Maybe you want to share some of your fantastic content to engage with potential customers and generate new leads, or perhaps you just need to increase your overall brand awareness. The first important thing that you should do is to decide on your separate aims in order to start working towards them effectively. Having a clear plan will give you a targeted and tactical approach to your campaign.

Once you’ve established your targets, you should think about how to begin working on them. Determine which social media platforms you might use, or if you would like to do an email marketing campaign for example. As you implement these strategies it is vital for you to put in place tools to measure the success of your campaign. For example analytics tools like WOW analytics give you the ability to track the behaviour of visitors to your website, recipients of your campaign, links that they click on and how many times. This gives you a tangible way to measure the effectiveness of each marketing platform that you are using.

What is the demographic of your target audience?

Segment your target audience into the categories that you want to reach. You could choose to target a demographic of 40-50 year old male directors of businesses within London. The level of segmentation you require depends on the type of campaign that you are looking to deploy, however in general the more detailed you are, the higher conversion rate should be.

The more defined that your audience is, the more tailored your marketing can be to suit them. You can create campaigns with strong appeal to your target audience, and generate a better ROI as these turn into leads, which follow through into sales. You can also use your digital social channels more effectively to deliberately engage in a way that will appeal to your market.

Be realistic within your budget

Whatever the size of your business, the reality is that you will probably be constrained by budgets. Budget is a defining factor so it is necessary for you to be realistic and put enough money towards marketing your business. We recommend allowing approximately 30% of turnover to be used for marketing. Once you’ve got a set budget, you can determine accurately what you will be able to achieve.

Utilising free social platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus can prove extremely effective when managed properly, at no real cost to your organisation. Look around at what everyone else in your industry is doing, and don’t be afraid to trial different platforms. Not every business will work the same, and it is helpful to measure which are the most useful for your business and which are not, so you can focus on the methods which give you a greater return.

Devising your tactical plan

After your audience, budget and targets have been defined, you will need to examine the main channels to take your product or service to market. These may include SEO, web design and analytics, events, PPC, advertising, PR, remarketing, social media, email marketing and content marketing.



Engaging with customers means that you need to put thought into the content you will be sharing, and how much of this is in-house compared to thought leadership industry content. We recommend 40% of your own and 60% industry news to generate interest.

What to remember, remember (on the 5th of November)…

The three areas to begin are sorting out your audience, budget and plan. As you begin, follow up all of your strategies using analytics. For more advice about beginning a digital marketing strategy that will go off with a bang, get in touch on 020 7100 0726 today.