How often do you buy something online to be presented with a further list of things later on to browse ‘similar items’? Perhaps every time you go online. Like most of us, you probably don’t think much of it. But have you considered that your data is being recorded and analysed in order to provide you with personalised content?

It seems that we now expect companies to take our data in order to deliver us the best service. Despite many incidences of data breaches on the news, there seems to be a difference in the opinion between data breaches in general and using data to create a personal customer experience.

Even though 87% of us don’t believe that there are sufficient measures in place to protect our data online, we still seem to share our private data. By making customers feel valued and showing them that they can trust you, you are more likely to be able to build relationships with them. Here are 3 steps to gaining consumer trust:

#1 Personalisation vs campaign automation

The more value people feel, the more information they are willing to give you. Almost half of people say that they would willingly allow companies to track their buying habits if it meant that they received relevant offers from their favourite brands. This is because it gives an impression of ‘getting to know’ the customer, personalising your service to them.

Even so, concerns about privacy continue to remain, with 70% of people saying that they would like more transparency from companies about how their data is being used. To keep this trust whilst also giving the customer what they want, it is important to get this balance of personalisation and privacy right.

#2 Be customer-focused

Customer experience is one of the strongest influences over the consumer when make decisions about buying products or services. One bad experience can have severely damaging effects on customers and their buying habits, almost guaranteeing that they won’t be returning to buy further products or services. However, the opposite is also true. Giving the customer what they want makes them feel appreciated and shows them that you have a customer-focused approach.

#3 Keep up to date

With technology constantly evolving, it is important for brands to keep up with communicating with consumers in the best and most relevant way. Look at it as working ‘with’ your customers. Focus on giving your customers that relevant and enjoyable experience which will engage them with your brand and build a long-term relationship with them. Utilise social media to create multiple “touch points” with your clients and ensure your communication is consistent across all of your marketing channels.

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