Automation is a new horizon for businesses and it has a lot to offer those in the marketing world. From cutting down on time spent on tasks, through to making it easier to deliver more personal messages, there are lots of benefits to investing in marketing automation in the next 12 months. So, how could marketing automation help your business?

Improving efficiency

If you were to deliver a manually composed and sent personalised marketing message to all your individual customers then you could easily be committing several staff to the task for several days. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that personalisation works but is it worth the huge time commitment of completing it manually? The answer is marketing automation, which enables any business to personalise its marketing much more efficiently and without the huge cost and staff commitment.

Better understanding your customers

If you’re working with a marketing automation programme then no doubt you also have access to a lead scoring feature, which will show you what point in the sales funnel a potential customer has reached. This can deliver invaluable insights and make it much more straightforward to pinpoint where someone is in the process of moving from a lead to a conversion.

Customer loyalty

Repeat customers are statistically far more likely to convert than a new customer. So, for any business there is enormous value in being able to create customer loyalty. Communication has a big role to play in this, as customers tend to be loyal to brands that engage them. If you’re using marketing automation to personalise the communication that you have with existing customers then you instantly have a way to keep customers engaged.

Conversions and revenue

Driving up revenue and increasing conversions are a primary motivator for most businesses currently looking into marketing automation. Never before have brands had such an opportunity to tailor marketing messages to make them more dynamic and effective in this respect. With insight into factors such as buying behaviour, past interaction with the business and spending habits, it becomes much easier to achieve better results with marketing automation, generating an uptick in conversions and revenue in response. The proof of this lies in the conversion rates – those companies using marketing automation have 53% higher conversion rates.

Improving conversion times

For some products and services the cycle of conversion can be a long one and it can be a frustrating business if you’re trying to get over the line. Marketing automation is one way to help speed this up. As B2B products and services tend to have a longer conversion cycle than B2C, marketing automation can be a useful B2B tool – it’s also particularly useful as B2B buying decisions often involve a team, as opposed to a single person. If you’re looking to reduce conversion time then the features of marketing automation could give you a way to do it.

If you’d like to know more about marketing automation and how you might be able to incorporate this into your business please get in touch.