It is the aim of every marketing department within a business to generate as many inbound links as possible. However it can often be difficult to measure where these leads have come from and therefore where to target resources for the most effective marketing strategy.

Widely used Analytics tools

Google Analytics is widely used to view the numbers of visitors to companies’ websites, however, it provides limited information. There are much more sophisticated analytics tools that offer not only numbers of visitors but their name, contact information, business information and their position in the company – all of which are extremely useful for following up targeted marketing as well as demonstrating which marketing platforms have been the most effective at generating these leads.

How is information gathered through website analytics?

Website analytics works because every business is required to use an individual IP address that is registered specifically to them. Through tracking this IP address, this analytics tools cross reference this will existing internal records as well as national records. This means that when someone visits your website, you can view information about them.

How can you tell when a visitor becomes a lead?

You can monitor your visitors through your analytics platform which will rank your visitors in terms of “how hot” they are as a lead. For example, they will be ranked higher if they are demonstrating buyer behaviour such as visiting multiple pages, returning to your site on different occasions over time, and clicking on links within your website.

Generating leads through your website

Lead scoring means that you can see which of these leads the highest priority to follow up is and how you can contact them. You can even set up alerts which will tell you when specific visitors return to your site, and allow automated emails to be sent if they meet a target lead score and this will begin the process of following up on your leads.

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