Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is going to be an essential part of digital strategy for any business where improving revenues and making the most of existing site traffic is important. So, most enterprises. CRO is frequently underestimated in terms of its potential to have an impact without significantly increasing costs and many businesses feel like they don’t need it – which simply isn’t true. These are some of the major reasons why integrating CRO into your digital strategy should be a priority going forward.

  • Make your website more effective against competitors. Let’s be honest, the world has moved online in recent months – for those who weren’t there already – and the competition for customers is white hot. That makes it more important than ever before to convert as many visitors to your website as possible and CRO is the simplest way to do this.
  • Offset the increase in cost of pay-per-click. If you’ve noticed that you’re paying more for pay-per-click now then you’re not alone – costs are rising across the board. CRO ensures that you make the most of every click that you get, turning as many as possible into a conversion, so that they effectively pay for themselves.
  • Adapting to the impact of social media. We have shorter attention spans than ever before thanks to social media and that means you have less time to capture and convert customers online. CRO will ensure that your website is fully set up to make the most of every visitor and to cater to the fact that you don’t have long to get them to convert.
  • Cost efficiency. It may seem odd to say that spending money on CRO could actually help you to save in the long term. However, the investment in CRO means that your cost per customer can be reduced and you can make more from each one.
  • Boost your other marketing efforts. A website that has been fully optimised provides key support to other marketing campaigns and initiatives and can be a very effective tool in making them go further. Your website will be more visible and if you’re involved in affiliate marketing your site will become more valuable to affiliates and other marketing platforms.
  • An instant impact. Some marketing changes take a while to filter through but one of the benefits of CRO is that it will have an impact almost straight away. As soon as you implement CRO changes your website will become more effective at funnelling customers through to conversion and you’ll stop losing people to competitor sites.
  • Your website will be easier and more pleasurable to use. CRO ensures that your site makes sense to users and can actually reduce shopper anxiety. Consumers will find it more intuitive to navigate and are likely to return again and again because of the experience that you offer.

CRO is a simple and effective method to create more opportunities for conversion and to improve the experience that customers have when they encounter your brand online.