2020 has certainly started with a bang, from Brexit through to Harry and Meghan hanging up their HRH hats. While much remains unpredictable about the next decade, in marketing terms at least we have some idea of the changes that could take place between now and 2030.

1. Automation and machine learning are likely to become the norm

Expect machine learning to gradually become the driving force behind the digital strategies of the future between now and 2030. As we have more access to data, automation and machine learning tools are likely to become more advanced, creating more opportunities for marketers to focus on the more creative elements of a role.

2. Social and search will get a lot closer

We’re likely to see even more integration between social medial platforms and search engines over the next decade so that it will soon be possible to target an ad on a platform like Instagram based on what users searched for on Google. Google Discover has already started us down this path.

3. Google will become more dominant

Already, 50% of searches result in no clicks off Google. In the next decade we can expect to see features such as voice responses providing users with the information they need so that they don’t actually have to leave the search giant.

4. Augmented Reality (AR) is going nowhere

We’ve talked a lot about AR recently and it’s a discussion that’s likely to keep evolving over the next decade. From virtually trying on clothes to looking around hotel rooms before booking them, there are many, varied ways in which AR could contribute to increasing the effectiveness of marketing.

5. Marketing opportunities in wearable tech

Opportunities for ad content delivered via devices such as the Fitbit are likely to mushroom over the next 10 years.

6. The inclusive web

A completely accessible site, for businesses in both the public and private sectors, is likely to become a benchmark. We are already starting to see legal action against those brands that don’t currently provide this.

7. Nurturing social communities will be key

We know that consumers today respond more to two-way communication than simply being bombarded with marketing messages. Social media is the perfect environment in which brands can nurture this.

8. Voice search is going to take off in a big way

Many organisations already recognise the challenge ahead in integrating voice-controlled actions into products, as opposed to just SEO. Expect to see more opportunities for audio ads via digital assistants in the very near future.

9. Evolution of the marketing agency

Small agencies have a much brighter future thanks to the technology that enables performance that is competitive with much larger businesses. Brands are also likely to evolve partnership style where marketing agencies are concerned so that this becomes a much closer and better-aligned relationship.

Over the next decade we can expect to see some exciting advances and groundbreaking change in the marketing world. These are just a few of the developments on the horizon.

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