The best user journeys are designed to get consumers to the pricing page/shopping cart within three clicks. But there are several factors that stop consumers from making that final step to converting to a customer. So, here’s how you can improve your user journey even further for more conversions.

1 – Minimise distractions

The more clicks it takes to get to the pricing page, the more likely it is that your lead will get distracted by something else and move off your website. To keep them on track, minimise distractions and cut down a number of pages on your website. The average amount of key web pages on a website is currently six.

When simplified, e-commerce websites saw an increase in their conversions by 11.4%.

2 – Add customer service

90% of consumers are already asking businesses to adapt and respond to their needs. The obvious step for this is a customer-service portal where customers can go to get answers. If your customer-service portal can provide answers and then link off to your product pages, your leads will see your products as the solutions.

3 – Make customers feel safe

Buyers are warier in this day and age, particularly about the legality of the products they want to buy. After all, if the deal sounds too good to be true, it often is. Explaining your terms & conditions in simple language will make them more inclined to buy.

4 – Scrap sign up & registrations

If you offer your buyer access to a product or whitepaper for free and then ask them to sign up before they can view/ buy it, you will automatically lose 60% of your customers at that point. With consumers expecting an even easier user journey, they don’t want to have to put in any effort at any time. And sign up/registration forms are an unnecessary extra effort as far as they’re concerned.

5 – Emphasise your return policy or no contract fees

If you can, try emphasising how simple your product is to use or return. This will stop consumers worrying about ‘buyers remorse’, making them more likely to buy immediately.

6 – Remember, most leads don’t buy the first time they visit

According to recent e-commerce reports, 96% of leads don’t convert the first time they visit your website. So, to make sure they are more likely to convert on their next visit, track them with retargeting strategies like our 3-part lead nurturing campaign.