There is enormous transformative potential in digital marketing, no matter what your sector or goals. From increasing market share to driving sales of specific products or services a lot can be achieved with limited resources thanks to the technology and techniques that exist today. If you’re keen to improve sales for your business this year these key digital marketing tips will help.

1. Opt for a broad-brush approach

Digital marketing is a world that is constantly evolving and there are different options for reaching new and existing audiences every day. Diversifying your approach to digital marketing so that it includes a range of different channels, methods and techniques will produce a much healthier overall mix. This could include investing in social media marketing, affiliate programmes or using tools such as Google AdWords or Facebook Audience Insights to help generate more leads. Whether you opt to manage this yourself or work with a digital marketing agency for support and inspiration there is a lot that can be achieved, no matter what your budget.

2. Make mobile a priority

A recent survey found that UK consumers make more purchases via smart phone than consumers in any other country. More than 50% of UK consumers are frequently buying via smart phones, smart watches and home assistants. As a result, performance marketing tools powered by mobile are now essential if driving sales is a key goal for your business this year.

3. Invest in analytics

The combination of big data and sophisticated analytics tools enables any business to better understand its market and create opportunities to sell, upsell or cross-sell. The insights drawn from data can be used in many different ways to enhance marketing efforts and make attempts to drive sales more effective. For example, insights can be combined with new tech such as artificial intelligence to enhance the purchasing experience. Or it could be something as simple as better targeting of marketing initiatives.

4. Taking content to the next level

Content remains your number one asset and potentially the biggest differentiator between one online marketing strategy and another. Investing in high quality content can set your business apart and generate more ROI on marketing spend. Personalisation of content is becoming increasingly essential, ensuring that you’re getting the right message in front of the right type of consumer and acknowledging that content for one segment needs to be different from that which will work for those in another age or location category.

5. Hand pick the most relevant tools and solutions

Despite the fact that trends in digital marketing come and go, not every tool or platform will work for every business. What’s important is identifying the goals that you have when it comes to sales, the resources available and the tools and solutions that are going to be the most appropriate to help you get there.

These are just some of the ways that you can more effectively drive sales for your business in 2020. Get in touch with our team today to discuss our recommendations for your particular digital marketing strategy.