As 2020 began, for many businesses this presented an opportunity to re-evaluate marketing and look for ways to do more with existing resources. Technology, in particular, is creating new opportunities for any business of any size to achieve more. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level in 2020 then these are our top digital marketing tips to help you get there.

1. Integrate video more effectively

Video has been a growing digital marketing trend for some time. However, there are many more uses for video than simply in a promotional context. For example, ‘how to’ videos have a key role in helping to explain your products to consumers, building stronger ongoing relationships and potentially positive reviews. Video might also be essential in boosting conversions – those buying online today frequently visit video platforms to find answers to the questions they feel are essential for purchasing decisions.

2. Design your content for an international audience

There are many benefits to ensuring that you’re engaging with a local audience but also a lot of evidence to suggest that your potential market might be a lot broader than you realise. Appealing to a global audience where content is concerned isn’t as intimidating as it sounds and could be the key to building resilience and a much more visible profile for your brand. You might want to study successful content creators in other countries, for example, or start integrating events or days in the calendar that also mean something elsewhere in the world.

3. Make sure automation features in your strategy for 2020

It’s here and it’s growing in popularity at a blistering rate – automation in marketing is a major trend for 2020 and one that could transform your digital marketing performance. There are many different ways in which automation can be transformative where marketing is concerned, including when it comes to nurturing customers and segmenting your audience. It can also be used to effectively manage and optimise marketing and ad campaigns and provides essential insight when it comes to predicting future behaviours based on what customers have done in the past. If you’re looking to increase digital marketing performance without a major uplift in cost, automation could be crucial.

4. Add personalisation into the mix

Particularly if you’ve decided to invest in automation, finding ways to achieve greater personalisation could also be another key move for your business this year. Machine learning, for example, can ensure that you’re tailoring your marketing messages based on factors such as buyer history. Tools, including analytics and customer relationship management (CRM), offer a wealth of opportunities for personalising the way that you communicate with your audience to help capture new customers and increase the existing market share of your business.

If you want to take your digital marketing to the next level in 2020, technology and perspective are going to be key. There are many opportunities to achieve more with your marketing efforts with the right strategy in place.