Sales never run quite as smoothly as you want them to. There’s always a problem that keeps buyers from finalising a deal. One way or another you need to move past this point in a buyer’s journey. If you don’t, you won’t get anywhere.

Don’t worry, though. Below we have the 3 guidelines that will help you solve almost any sales objection that comes up.

1) Avoid responding too quickly

When a client objects, let it sit for a minute. In the silence, the objection will sometimes be solved by the other side. Not only this, but it can also show that you are seriously considering their objection – thinking about it, rather than clutching desperately for money.

2) Reiterate their objection

Show that you understand their concern by reiterating what they object to. It can be helpful, also, to bring up examples of other clients you have been successful with. Show that whilst they had similar worries, they were easily resolved. Explain that this might also be a way for the two of you to reach a compromise. Try using variations of the following:

“So, what you’re saying, is…”
“I can tell it’s [X] that’s giving you the most trouble…”
“It’s common for companies to be apprehensive about…

3) Discover possible objections

If it becomes impossible to reach a final sales deal with a client, be ready to ask what in particular they were hesitant about. It can be useful to ask contacts you have also been successful with, as they may be able to help you find out what main objections others have with your product.

If your sales prospect won’t reveal what their objection is, ask open-ended questions until you can determine their pain point for yourself. Reading between the lines can reveal more than a direct approach. Asking more open-ended questions can also help your prospects overcome their objections by discussing how your product can help in their own words.

As the saying goes: “be ready for anything”. Make sure you know as much about common sales objections as you can before you reach this stage. Being able to talk with authority about problems can help to ease your contact and make a deal more likely.

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