Iconic Digital started in 2012 with a unique mantra to give up to 30% of the company’s profits to good causes. The founding directors believed that this innovative and unique business model would bring about social-economic change in the world around us and would also benefit our stakeholders, our clients, and good causes alike. As Iconic Digital has continued to grow and evolve, the company has pioneered a culture of generosity within the business. This generosity can be seen through the way our team interacts with each other and in their positive and enthusiastic approach of recommending causes like: The Teenage Cancer Trust, Mind, and Operation Give and Grow as charities to be considered for the company to support. This culture can also be seen through the volunteering spirit which has blossomed within the business.

A Charitable Legacy


In 2009, our CEO Steve Pailthorpe started a charity with his father David Pailthorpe. David was a church minister based in South London. In 2006, he left his parish ministry to become a missionary travelling across Central Africa. David and his wife Sheena ended up living in Bujumbura in Burundi, supporting an orphanage project which was founded by a close friend. Burundi is a small country that had been terribly impacted by genocide in 1994 and left a generation of young people without parents. In 2011, David returned from Africa with what he thought was a stomach bug. Sadly, this was not the case as it was later revealed to be bowel cancer which progressed at a fast pace. He passed away peacefully in May 2012 surrounded by his family in St. Raphael’s hospice in Cheam. After David’s passing the Iconic Digital directors were faced with some challenges. Would it be possible to keep the charity alive with a focus on supporting orphans and widows with the loss of the charity founder? The solution was to make the charity a beneficiary of the Digital Agency. Today Iconic Digital has been able to support many good causes, still retaining the founder’s vision to help children, young people, and vulnerable adults.

Check out the video below where Steve talks directly to the team at the Business Reporter about Iconic Digital’s charity motivator.

Funding Projects Locally, Nationally and Internationally


Young Minds – The children’s mental health charity that has helped thousands of young people who have suffered during the global pandemic.
The Teenage Cancer Trust – supporting the vital work of this charity who aim to love and care for those with some of the most aggressive types of terminal cancer.
London Skate Park Initiative – funding for some of the urban regeneration projects in London to help create spaces for children and young people to play.
Kids Kings Home – funding a school and orphanage that cares for over 150 children of all ages in Mityana, Uganda.
Mission24 – a Christian charity helping churches to engage with communities. One of their key projects carried out through Life Link supports vulnerable widows by providing education, training, and a stable family support network.
The Marketors Trust – recognising excellence in marketing and giving to The Worshipful Company of Marketors. A charity that helps to fund bursaries for young and upcoming talent.

Charity is Fundamentally Good for Business


At Iconic Digital we believe that philanthropy should always exist as a cornerstone of good business practice and the team are passionate about developing the business for one main purpose: the more we grow, the more we can give. This purpose is something that our team, our clients, and our stakeholders can all get excited about. Find out more about our digital marketing services.