In this episode, Steve Pailthorpe speaks to video marketing expert Greg Mandry from Big Yellow Feet Video Production in Dorking. Find out how different types of video work well across different digital channels. Can any teenager with an iphone produce stunning video content? And why is the setting and design of your video content important. Learn about animations, drones and best practise video marketing advice in the latest episode of the digital revolution podcast.

Big Yellow Feet are your partners in corporate communications. We work with marketing teams for big business and marketing agencies. We are your corporate video communications specialists providing “Hassle free, responsive video production, every time”. We help organisations communicate effectively via award winning video & animation achieving better communications and sales. The importance of clear communication with clients and employees cannot be underestimated and video is a very effective for this. All our clients’ circumstances are different but what they have in common is a real need for decisive and effective, on-brand video messaging.

Bring us your ideas!

We are always happy and ready to work with clients and agencies to develop your video ideas and turn them into a reality.

What to do?

Write your idea down and come and talk to us about your message and your target audience. Writing it down will help us all understand your idea and see the potential.

What we will do

Effective video requires delivering your message to your audience in the most visually effective way and that is when our creativity, production knowledge and experience comes to the fore. Video is a visual medium and the success of every film depends on its ability to engage the viewer and hold its attention while using with the visual imagery to deliver its message.

I am here to help, so take a look at our website and please give me call on 07941318280 or email me directly on [email protected] for a free quote and advice anytime you need to talk video.