86% of B2B email marketing does not work. That’s the average level of non-engagement in B2B email marketing databases – the people who never open, never read and never engage with any of your content.

Yet email remains an enduring pillar of modern business communication with UK workers receiving an average of 45 emails per day and spending 81 days of the working year reading and writing emails.

How can email marketing be failing to reach such a large proportion of its intended audience when email communication is still so prevalent? So deeply embedded in our daily work?

It is not email marketing that has become less effective, it is broadcast email marketing that has become less effective. That average of 45 per day masks an uncomfortable truth for many at the sharp end of things; the decision makers, the ones who would consider 45 emails to be a quiet day. The demands of managing a swamped inbox mean that there is little time for anything from unsolicited senders – those broadcasting to the masses in the hope that someone will pay attention.

In a world of email overload, marketers are way down the inbox priority list behind the boss, the clients, the colleagues and the wife.

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