Email marketing is incredibly effective but it’s not always the easiest to master. Audiences, techniques and technology change all the time and staying current with best practices is essential if you want to optimise the investment you make in marketing for your business. If you’re keen to get more from the email marketing that you do then these are our top tips.

Review the way you approach personalisation.

This isn’t just about adding someone’s name to an email – what’s more important is ensuring your content is relevant and sent at the right time, as well as designed to address someone’s individual needs.

Invest in automation

This is a very simple way to get more from your email marketing, as it can help to increase conversion rates and boost efficiency, as well as providing more opportunities for seamless scaling.

Build up more than just promotions.

Email marketing is useful for promotion but when this is all you’re using it for it can be less than successful. Instead of focusing purely on promo, use email content to establish strong and positive relationships with customers that generate engagement and loyalty.

Use preheaders.

This will enable you to double the length of your subject line.

Don’t be discouraged by unsubscribed.

Quality is what counts, not quantity, when it comes to email marketing. It’s far better to have a database full of engaged and interested subscribers so it’s no bad thing if those who aren’t really committed remove themselves from the process.

Invest in segmentation

This is the process of getting to know your audience and creating segments that consist of groups of customers that share certain attributes. Sending out an email to an entire list of subscribers significantly increases the chances that many of them won’t find it relevant or engage with it. Using segmentation instead allows you to create customer journeys specifically for individual groups, which will boost responsiveness and effectiveness, and to design more targeted, personalised content.

Expand the use of email from marketing to customer acquisition

Email is a powerful tool to use across all your customer acquisition channels, not just in marketing.

Use A/B testing

This will give you insight that means you can constantly improve your email campaigns and ensure that you’re not wasting money.

Don’t neglect the subject line and how your business name appears

These are the two pieces of information that customers look at first. Make sure that you have a compelling statement in the subject line and that the name is credible, accurate and makes sense.

Focus on adding value

Try to avoid a situation where you’re sending out emails because it’s on the schedule for that day but you don’t really have anything to say. Email marketing is about adding value for customers, not filling up their inboxes with useless messages. If you don’t have anything to add right now then don’t hit the send button.

Effective email marketing can create strong bonds with customers and open up new channels for your products and services – it’s worth the investment it takes to get it right.

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