Email marketing is a very effective way to reach your customers and well designed and executed campaigns can be incredibly productive. Automating email marketing can take your campaigns and supercharge them, adding the kind of value that just isn’t available without it. If you’re looking to generate more ROI from your email marketing campaigns then automation could help you to do it. These are some of the ways that you can use email marketing automation to help set your business apart from the competition.

Send an automated onboarding email series

Focus on lead nurturing

Not every customer will respond to that initial welcome series of emails so you need to have a secondary plan in place to help make the most of new sign-ups. Automation allows you to go further after that first stage and tailor communication that is specifically designed for the people that you want to target. You can break down your customers into buying and non-buying consumers and craft separate messages for each. For the non-buyer customers the objective is to nurture them to the point of conversion. They can be pushed down a separate messaging track without any manual action from team members, one that is targeted at encouraging them towards your chosen conversion point.

Use birthday greetings

It may sound slightly random but birthday emails are a great way to see results from email marketing automation. This type of email has a 481% higher transactional rate than regular promotional emails and tends to generate higher revenue and click through rates too. A birthday email is also one of the simplest types of email marketing to automate, as it’s usually the greeting followed by a potential incentive that is tailored in a way that makes it feel personal to the individual on their special day. Very little data is required from a customer to make a birthday greeting personal and yet this is one of the most effective options where email marketing is concerned. It’s also incredibly simple to set up because there is only one date on which the email is going to be most effective.

These are just a few of the ways in which email marketing automation could be used to differentiate your business.

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