For many marketers, email marketing is a huge part of their overall strategy. Sending targeted emails directly to the inbox of targeted followers makes a lot of sense, and that’s why businesses are continuing to take up the practice in droves.

Building contact lists is one thing, and getting the perfect design another – but what about the data behind the email? Do you really know what you’re sending works? Are you checking the right parts of your report?

Here are just a few of the most important email statistics out there, that will help you to improve your email marketing and stay in-the-know so that you ace it every time.

838 billion marketing messages were sent in 2013


Woah! 838 billion marketing messages. That’s a staggering amount which just goes to prove exactly how many businesses are placing importance on the medium. It also goes to show just how many messages your target audience must be receiving each day to make up that number, which is another reason for you to enhance your creative and really make your messages stand out from the crowd.

25% of emails are opened on iPhones

(Email Client Market Share)

You’re not still ignoring mobile optimisation are you? If 25% of all of those 838 billion messages are opened on a mobile – there’s a high chance that you’re losing a high percentage of your overall audience by not making sure that it’s easily readable on mobile. Get mobile optimisation on your to do list as soon as possible!

66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message

(Direct Marketing Association)

Sometimes, it can be easy to lose hope with email marketing – especially if you’re not able to demonstrate many click throughs or conversions. However, don’t give up! This statistic from the Direct Marketing Association proves that consumers do purchase as a direct result of email marketing, as long as it’s done correctly. Reinvest your time into researching new techniques, subject lines or designs and get back on the email marketing horse. It’ll be worth it.

59% of companies are integrating email and social channels together


Are you integrating your email with your social media channels? If you’re not, it might be time to. Over half of companies are making use of this technique already, and it’s time you made sure you’re not missing a trick.

76% of email opens occur in the first two days after an email is sent

(Alchemy Worx)

Are you waiting weeks to file your email marketing reports, trying to make sure you don’t miss any open rates or click throughs? The probability is that you’re wasting your time. Alchemy Worx found that 76% of emails are opened within two days of the send date, meaning that you can crack on sooner than you thought and get those reports analysed!

17% of marketers don’t track or analyse email metrics for their organisation

(MEC Labs)

Are you tracking or analysing your marketing reports from your email? Apparently a shocking 17% of you aren’t. This means that there’s no way for you to know how email is working, or not working, for your business. You may as well just be shooting in the dark and hoping for the best with this one. Opening your reports, and learning how to utilise them, not only paves the way for improvement but also demonstrates the rewards for all of your hard work and effort creating the emails.

At CommuniGator we can help you report and analyse these statistics, gaining a better understanding of who’s reading your emails, when they’re reading them and what device they’re reading them on. Giving you the knowledge you need to refine your communications and boost your digital marketing results. Take a look at our hottest resources here.

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