Design. The key element in your endeavour to deliver the best emails to your subscribers.

So you’ve refined and optimized your message. You’re happy with your subject line, and you’ve got a mailing list ready to be seasoned. But one thing is missing: the layout and design of your email.

When it comes to email campaigns, you can catch more bees with honey by capturing only the most important elements. By keeping your email looking “clean” and scrubbing all the unnecessary parts, in turn, you’re creating an elegant and simple design which ultimately works to elicit a better response from your buyers.

Outlook looking email is king

So what templates are the most effective for your email campaigns? Studies have shown that Outlook looking emails derive the best response from buyers. What does this mean? This means that customers are more likely to respond to simple designs rather than those that are designed with over-the-top graphics and colors. In other words – plain is better than extravagant. Outlook looking emails are successful because they make it possible to match your brand with the message you intend to deliver. From welcome emails, to drip campaigns, newsletters and reminders, an Outlook looking email resonates more with recipients because all it aims to do is focus on the message.

The look of an Outlook email is minimalistic. It is “clean” in the sense that it is basic and stripped of those superfluous elements that overshadow the message. The purpose of this type of email is to make the content the focal point. Visually, a minimalist design works to deliver a calming effect that enables the mind to focus on the most important elements.

Best-in-Class performers have understood that cluttered and overbearing layouts bring down the most important element of the email. With too many elements, readers get confused about where to look leading them to misinterpret the priority of the message.

Compare over-the-top to a simple daily life – uncluttered, without excess and with a focus on what is most important. Of course if you’re anything like Zsa Zsa Gabor you may disagree. But the reality is that when we have too many choices, we often tend to jump from one to another. This is what your recipients are seeing in their email boxes. They get bombarded with messages that offer many products. Messages that lead to more messages within the body of their emails. So – why not give them something surprising and new? Less is truly more when it comes to email deliverability.

How do your emails look? Too much flash? It’s time to reconsider your design and go with the ‘simpler is better’ Outlook looking email.

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