When analysing the success of your emails you’ll probably notice that some do better than others, an email send may exceed all expectations by outshining your average email results by miles. But why? As a digital marketer you need to aim to understand these performances in order uplift all your email campaign results, always striving for high levels of engagement.

A/B split testing gives you great insight into what works and what doesn’t, what encourages engagement and what makes people reach for the delete button. It’ll help you determine where you need to dedicate time in order to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

It can be difficult to keep ideas fresh, so we thought we’d share these email split testing ideas from Email Monday with you to keep your split testing at the top of its game. See the full list of 150+ A/B email split testing ideas.

Here are our favourites;

1. Soft sell (benefits) versus hard sell (buy now)

2. Pre-header text

3. Optimise for Mobile readers

4. Responsive versus non-responsive design

5. Do a radical redesign

6. Upsell based on previous products purchased

7. Adding a Teaser email

8. Personal tone versus business tone

9. Sending a reminder

10. Removing clutter

11. Adding reviews or scores

12. Intro length

13. Removing the intro

14. Mail based on engagement level (heavy opener versus never buyer)

15. Use of a Survey

16. Resending to non-openers

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