According to recent research by Hubspot, 60% of people read blogs at least once a week. So, they are a marketing channel that is incredibly active. If you are regularly updating your company blog this can not only help to bring new consumers to your website but also provide vital information about the business and products and create a key touchpoint with existing customers, as well as new ones. These are just some of the reasons why blog content remains critical for SEO today.

Businesses with blogs get 55% more visitors

A regularly updated blog drives traffic to your website and helps to keep content fresh. It can also provide the basis for effective social media posts and create a reason for social users to click through to your website.

An effective way to improve SEO

When you regularly add fresh, relevant content to your website, you can help to improve performance in search results. This is because search engines will take into account new content, as well as the number of indexed pages and keywords. Be wary of using too many keywords in blogs – this is called ‘keyword stuffing’ and it’s something that search engines are likely to penalise your site for.

Building an effective email list

High quality blogs are an effective way to build credibility and introduce customers to what the business offers. If they enjoy the posts that appear on the website they are much more likely to go on and sign up to an email list.

Demonstrating value and expertise

Effective, high quality blog content can show customers what the business is capable of and demonstrate leadership in the field. This type of content can also be really useful as a way of answering common questions that customers have (so as to minimise the burden on customer services) and also to address the pain points that might bring customers to your products in the first place. Content should be personalised to your specific audience, demonstrate empathy and used across multiple channels so as to be effective across the generations.

Showing a more human side to the brand

Being able to humanise your brand by giving it a warmer, chattier voice in blogs can be an effective way to establish strong bonds with customers and potential customers. According to one survey, 82% of customers felt more positive about a brand after reading its blog content so it can be a powerful way to enhance brand reputation.

Attracting a new audience

Every piece of blog content that is published on a website is a new indexed page that can improve SEO. The right blog can be a lead generator for years if it continually appears in search results and has a strong call to action that motivates the reader to buy or get in touch.

Blog content is vital for any business serious about SEO today. It not only informs and educates about the business but also signals to search engines that this is a site worth sending users to. Find out how Iconic Digital can help create content for your business, get in touch today, call us on 020 7100 0726. Find out more about our Content Marketing Agency in London.