We’ve been talking for a while about creating valuable, high quality content. Every business is different, so how do you know which content works best? We did the research across a range of companies and found out.

1) E-books

Unlike whitepapers, e-books come across as slightly more informal and, therefore, easier to digest. E-books are also easier to promote across a range of channels and cement businesses as experts in their field. After all, it takes a lot of effort to develop a book, even an e-book, so the content must be worth it.

Research showed us that emails promoting e-books got twice the click through rates as emails promoting webinars, making their content extremely effective.

2) Blogs

We all know that blogs are the best content marketing tool that keeps companies relevant and noticed while driving traffic. But can you believe that blogs generate 67% more leads for B2B companies than those who don’t have a blog?

Best practice with blogs is changing. This is because, blogs that actually convert traffic are at least six months old. So rather than producing constant blog updates, businesses are better off producing 3-4 quality blog posts a week. They should then promote them across a range of online platforms to drive the quantity of traffic. It’s all about balancing the content to drive the right results.

3) Interactive content

Surprisingly B2B haven’t yet started utilising interactive content to its full potential. Apps, assessments, quizzes, calculators and configurations generate conversions 70% of the time. That’s in comparison to just 36% for passive content. Like this post.

So why don’t you get in contact with us and let us know which content posts you like best. Are you a blogger? Would you like to see how many leads are on your website? Or would you like to see how many inbound leads are coming into your website by being able to track your website outside of work on a mobile app? Tweet us @CommuniGator and let us know!

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