Despite the fact that releasing PRs to the press can seem a daunting prospect, PRs have a key role to play within your content strategy. They help to communicate your news and updates to a wider audience and generate greater brand awareness. With the New Year in sight, no doubt you’ll be thinking about how to improve your marketing from this year. Here are some tips to polish your PR strategy ready for 2016.

Press Releases: The Basics

Press releases are an effective part of a wider content strategy, which communicates your message to a larger volume of people. However, the style is very specific. The tone must be formal and informative, compared to blogs which may be more colloquial and descriptive. Many potential customers will be reading to find out about your products and services, so keep it simple to be the most effective.

Increase your reach

Turn your focus initially to industry-related catalogues or magazines, who will have lists of editors who are the most likely to be interested in your content. This is a great way to establish a core audience, which you can build up from there into a larger database.

Content is important

As well as your audience, what you say is very important. You’ll want to promote your products and services, and talk about your company – but everything you say must be factually correct to avoid any legal implications. Write all PRs in the third person, and only talk about your own brand.

Getting ready to share your PR

Getting your PR ready for release in advance is key to the success of your release. If you can sort it a week before the release date, that gives you enough time to make contacts and create an email to share your PR. You can choose to exclusively share the release early with select contacts. There are also cheap ways to share your PR, using website such as

Generating interest

Now you’ve completed your PR, get the most out of it by putting it into a spinning tool, which generates unique content in around 60 minutes. You should have 10-20 pieces then – and they won’t damage your SEO score since they’re not duplicated. You will get the benefit of more content using this easy tool.

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