Following recent Google updates, and because of the nature of the modern Internet, content marketing has become one of the most popular forms of marketing a website. It requires the posting of high quality content on your site, and then marketing this, rather than marketing your products and services. It can seem counter-intuitive to a lot of marketers, but as long as your content and website design are set up to sell, you will benefit from good content marketing. 

1 – Create An Attention Grabbing Headline First

The headline is the first thing that your readers will see of your content, and the blog or article will be driven by the headline. As such, it stands to reasons that you should start by writing the headline.

Many bloggers like to get down to writing the piece first, and then try to find an appealing headline after. The headline may not be the most important aspect of your piece, but it is the first important aspect. Readers will only click through if they excited, compelled, or forced to do so by the quality of the headline.

2 – Statistics, Quotes, And Citations

Use quotes from famous people to help get your point of view across. It is a fact of life that people listen to celebrities. That’s why celebrity endorsements help sell products, why charity appeals feature a whole raft of stars, and why you need to find a quote from somebody famous to help support the sentiment of your content.

Statistics are also an extremely powerful tool, but you should always provide a link out to whoever has done the work. Make sure that any supporting evidence, such as quotes and statistics are accurate and relevant.

3 – Be A Bit Controversial

Controversy can have positive impact on your website success. Always agreeing with everybody means that most of your readers might agree with what you say, but they will not be excited enough about your content to really get involved.

Controversial content is engaging. It starts debates and it fuels existing arguments. Considering posting something a little controversial, but stay away from the temptation to go all out. If you come across as being particularly hateful or discriminatory you will instantly lose face, and you may never recover from this position.

4 – Be Friendly

When you’re writing for a blog post, or other piece of content that is set up for marketing, be conversational in your tone, but don’t forget that there are basic rules to writing that you need to follow.

A conversational tone will help you to persuade readers that you are not only an authority on the topic you are covering, but that you want to help them and that you are their friend. Write as though you are writing for one person, and that the one person is your close friend. This will encourage your readers to engage with you, and it will make your content more appealing.

5 – Text Alone Becomes Boring

The written word is an incredibly powerful tool. It has been used to start wars and end wars, but it can only do so much on its own. If you are writing a 1,000 word piece, or especially a 7,000 word ebook guide, you should break the huge blocks of text down a little. This can be done through effective formatting, or it can be done with images and even video files.

If you can create unique and original images, then this is even better, and it will offer you another form of content that you can market too.

6 – If In Doubt, Pay Somebody Else To Get It Right 

Not everybody can write well, and arguably even fewer of us can create compelling infographics or video files. Just because you aren’t able to create the content yourself, though, does not mean that you will not be able to benefit from content marketing too.

Pay somebody to write your content, pay somebody to share your content, or pay somebody to complete the whole content marketing process for you. You need to ensure that the people you use are invested otherwise your readers will be able to tell, and they will not engage with your content in the same way as if you have written it yourself. For more information about blogging and content creation, please give us a call. Blogs can be written at very good value.

Author: Steve Pailthorpe, Follow us on Google+