Sustainability Policy

Conscious global citizens committed to our environment.


Fully Green

The problem of climate change and carbon emissions is one of the world’s single biggest challenges. As a global and local citizen, Iconic Digital recognise that we have a part to play. In 2012 when we started out we reduced our emissions by almost one fifth. Today, with the support of our climate change partners; we are now fully green.


Reducing Emissions

With our growing commitments to the world around us, we have decided to try and reduce the effect of carbon emissions alongside climate change across the City of London. This means we will take full advantage of public transport whenever possible and encourage our employees to do the same with our cycle to work scheme.


Recycling Policy

We recycle everything we can and minimise the use of non-biodegradable substances in the workplace. We have an ISO accredited secure document destruction solution that recycles all of our paper waste. Together with our waste reduction strategy at both the office and in our data centres, Iconic Digital aims to be carbon neutral for the foreseeable future.