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Steve Pailthorpe

Chief Executive

Steve founded Iconic Digital in 2012 and is a lead practitioner in the field of Search Engine Optimisation. He oversees the Board of Directors and oversees all new client relationships and consultancy projects.

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Gary Elliott

Operations Director

Gary’s background is in Client Management, which makes him perfect for managing a number of our Digital Marketing Specialists.

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Juliette Cooke

Chief Operating Officer

Juliette is part of our leadership team and manages the money! She also looks after the office team with day to day operations.

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Nikolas Markakis

Client Services Manager

Nikolas brings a wealth of experience to the team with over a fifteen years in Client-Centric positions, working with clients like NASA, Airbus and Facebook. Nikolas is dedicated to fostering enduring client relationships and delivering exemplary services to our clientele.

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Tony Brotherton

Head of Client Strategy

Tony is a senior digital marketeer with over 20 years of experience working across a variety of marketing campaigns. Tony oversees all strategic projects to ensure our campaign are executed to the very best standards.

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Stephen Ottley

Technical Product Specialist

Stephen specialises in email marketing and social media, managing many of our clients’ campaigns and creative design projects with enthusiasm and experience.

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Tom Lejava

Account Manager

Tom has spent the last 6 years working in digital marketing, having worked client side for the Police Crime Prevention Initiative. He has a background in paid media and marketing automation.

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Elena Dulercea

Digital Marketing Specialist

Elena is a Media and Communications graduate, who specialises in social media marketing and content creation. From eye-catching visuals to engaging captions, Elena knows how to make your social media shine and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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Klaudia Stoica

Digital Marketing Specialist

Klaudia has recently graduated with a BSc degree in Business and Marketing. Her main focus is working with the social media team creating creative visual contents and preparing reports for her clients.

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Louis Eastwood-Prater

Account Manager

Louis holds an entrepreneurial background and a master’s education in Digital Marketing. He focuses on data analysis, reporting and marketing strategy throughout account management.

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Jueun Kang

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jueun specialises in social media and digital marketing. She has a background in marketing for some of the most renowned restaurants in Auckland. With a passion for marketing, she finds it very difficult to ”switch off” of work.

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Anisha Haridas

Digital Marketing Specialist

Anisha specialises in social media marketing and content creation. Her creative aptitude and eye for detail enables her to produce compelling, on-trend content that is sure to set you apart from your competitors!

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Callum O’Connor

Paid Advertising Specialist

Callum specialises in paid ads on Google and Facebook and works with our clients to deliver successful campaigns with enthusiasm and digital expertise.