"Your Website is so dull it makes my eyes bleed"

A quirky designer I met today told me a story about a customer of his who had the most unattractive, unusable website on the net. My designer told me that, “the website wall so dull that it made my eyes bleed!”.
But does design actually play a big part in customer satisfaction? After all, most of us just want to find the information we want quickly without any hassle. Does design therefore play a big part in the usability argument?
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Digital Brands Are On The Rise As Fresh Stats Are Published

Fresh statistics published today by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) indicate that digital brands are on the increase. 
Digital brands can be defined by the fact that they are usually always web based companies. Web shops or digital studios offering services delivered remotely. 
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More Algorithm Changes To Drive Better Competition

This has meant massive changes for all of us so called "SEO pros", as we've had to go back over our old links that we've built to ensure that they don’t appear on every page of a site. It hasn’t been until recently that my team have begun to notice the negative impact that site wide links have been having on sites. 
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