How is predictive advertising changing the future of digital marketing?

Predictive advertising is increasingly becoming a crucial marketing tool that provides the opportunity to generate positive results in a cost effective way. Particularly for smaller businesses there are many benefits to investing in predictive advertising thanks to the efficiency, relevance and ROI that it can contribute to marketing campaigns. In fact, predictive advertising has the power to change the future of digital marketing in a number of key ways.

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Google Chrome Blocks 3rd Party Cookies

Privacy online has been a big issue in recent years and has dominated the headlines. While Google has often been at the centre of negative privacy headlines, the search giant has also taken steps to try and show more of a commitment to user privacy. Its latest move is to begin blocking 3rd party cookie tracking on publisher sites via Google Chrome in the next 12 – 24 months. So, what kind of impact is this going to have on marketing and will it really make that much difference to users?

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9 Digital Marketing Predictions for the new decade

2020 has certainly started with a bang, from Brexit through to Harry and Meghan hanging up their HRH hats. While much remains unpredictable about the next decade, in marketing terms at least we have some idea of the changes that could take place between now and 2030.

1. Automation and machine learning are likely to become the norm

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