What's new as part of Twitter's desktop redesign?

Social media platforms evolve – a lot. Whether you appreciate the constant changes that seem to be introduced by these apps - mobile or desktop - the driving force behind the upgrades is to make things easier for users. In an effort to do just that Twitter has introduced a desktop redesign that it hopes will make it more competitive and a more intuitive option for many who want to use social networks, whether for business or personal reasons. So, what does the new redesign involve?

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What does Pinterest offer for marketing?

Pinterest may not be the first social media platform that you think of when it comes to marketing. However, 250 million people use Pinterest every month and between 2017 and 2018, this very visual platform added more users than Facebook and Twitter combined. The site has seen a 75% increase in Pins in less than two years and a rise in the numbers of both men and women who are using the site. So, it’s thriving, but what does Pinterest really offer in marketing terms?

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What does AI actually look like for marketing?

AI is set to transform the way that we do business, interact and sell in the years to come. This innovative technology offers a wealth of advantages to businesses looking to do more with less budget and increase efficiency across the board. But, in terms of the reality of integrating and using it, what does AI actually look like for marketing?

9 examples of AI in marketing

AI has almost limitless potential and can be innovated continuously to help meet challenges as they arise. These are just some of the ways in which it has relevance to the marketing world.

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Using hashtags to increase the visibility of Instagram posts

Hashtags are an essential part of success on Instagram, whether you’re looking to grow your following or get more exposure for each post. However, the social media platform often moves the goal posts when it comes to the way that hashtags can support profile development and which practices are likely to get the best results. If you’re looking to improve performance on Instagram then these are our top tips to help you increase post visibility and attract more followers.

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