What recent changes have there been to Twitter and how does this affect marketing?

Last month Twitter introduced changes to its API that mean that third party apps like Tweetbot are not going to be as useful as they once were. The new API makes life more difficult for those using third party apps, restricting what those apps can do while at the same time introducing a four figure charge for access to the new APIs. But what do these changes mean for businesses and how is this likely to affect marketing practices?

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The complementary relationship between social media and SEO

Social media and SEO have evolved something of a symbiotic relationship that is well worth exploring for most businesses. Although the secrets of Google’s algorithm are so closely guarded that it’s unlikely we’ll ever know for sure how social media impacts on SEO rankings, it’s clear that it does have some influence. However, social media doesn’t necessarily boost SEO in the way that many people think, or assume, that it does.

Social media and SEO

Social media can have an influence on your SEO levels in a number of different ways, including:

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How to Use ALT Text for HTML Emails

When it comes to designing an email campaign, many marketers are split over whether or not images impact performance. There are always campaigns that require visuals to help back up the message, so even if you’re a convert to the Outlook style, minimalist template, sometimes a picture paints a thousand words. Images work to convey important information aimed at increasing customer engagement. The reality, however, is that designers can’t always count on images to load.

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How has the GDPR boosted the effectiveness of email marketing since May?

Since the GDPR came into force in May of this year it has been all change in the world of email marketing. New compliance requirements have put the power firmly in the hands of consumers in terms of who they want to hear from and how they want to receive communication from businesses and brands. This change has been something that many people feared but there are actually a lot of ways in which it has boosted the effectiveness of email marketing, as opposed to restricting it.

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Could partnering with a leading digital marketing agency increase your ROI?

Digital marketing today is no easy task. While it may be manageable if you’re lucky enough to have a large in-house team, for many organisations there simply isn’t the time to devote to acquiring the necessary expertise to generate better ROI. Plus, even for those businesses with the most extensive resources, in-house efforts are often simply not cost effective in terms of return on investment. But could partnering with a leading digital marketing agency actually increase your ROI?

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