The basics of blogging for digital marketing

For some people, blogging might hold connotations of sharing pointless information, as more and more young people set up “blogs” as another social media platform to express their opinions. Marketing blogs are different to this, and when done properly, is a key part of any digital marketing strategy.

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New website for 2017? Here’s what you need to know

Perhaps one of your biggest marketing aims this year as a company is to redesign your website. A good website is one of the greatest online marketing tools you can have as a business, so preparing in advance for the migration process is key to ensuring that your website is a success. If you have had a previous website, you have generated a certain level of interest and SEO benefits, so what can you make sure to include in your website migration in order to carry over your existing website rankings to build upon?

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How to turn a bad brand into a consumer must have

You might feel like your brand is past the point of no return. No matter what you do, people just aren’t interested and you’re losing business. Fast. Even if you’re not quite in this position, you might be worrying that your brand is falling out of favour. Your clients are going elsewhere for your product and forgetting all about the close B2B, or B2C, relationship you used to have.

It’s not impossible to avoid this situation – but it’s also not impossible to get yourself, and your brand, out of it. So let’s look at a few ways you can escape from the bad brand graveyard.

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