Marketing Automation Techniques For Business

Many entrepreneurs and online marketers will already be using some forms of marketing automation techniques without really thinking about it. Applications that share blog headlines across social media channels and automated email marketing campaigns are all good examples of marketing automation. However, these techniques only scratch the surface of what can prove to be a hugely beneficial and lucrative addition to your universal marketing mix.

What is marketing automation?

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3 Social Media Tactics to Increase Engagement

Every internet marketer knows that it’s possible to increase market engagement and campaign effectiveness by using social media. In fact in 2013 we saw an average of 500 million tweets every day and over 350 million Facebook photos uploaded every month. Despite such massive growth across social channels, it amazes me how poorly some businesses use social media today.  Here’s my three top tips to help you engage with your audience.

#1 Become a Content Junkie

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